Style me vintage clothes: A little review

It is time for another book review today. The book in question is Style me Vintage by Naomi Thompson.
What can I say? This book fills me with an immense amount of happiness as I am privileged to know the author Naomi Thompson and I know how hard she worked on it. The book is beautiful in terms of the images and also its layout (well done to the publishers on this one!), well written and most importantly enjoyable.
Naomi really is the BEST person to have written this book. She has an amazing collection of vintage clothes and  incredible eye for it too. I’ll give you an amazing example of Naomi’s “eye”: A few months ago I was shopping in brick lane and happened to see Naomi. She showed me a wonderful suit in Hunky Dory vintage that she thought would fit me an what can I say? It was absolutely perfect and is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe.

This is the suit in question!
(terrible pic of me and my washing basket…i do apologise)

 I feel honoured that Naomi asked me to help her out with some of the research for this book (gahhhh my name in the book!!! Look!!!) and to see how all of her hard work came together really is fantastic.

The book offers tips on how to create vintage looks, how to look after vintage clothes and also a bit about fashion history. Although it is in essence a “vintage style” book it really does provide a huge amount of other information.

If you are just want to dabble in vintage the book gives great ideas on little ways of introducing vintage items to create interesting looks or if you’re a full blown vintage fashionista there is lots for you too!

I also have to say how fabulous the images are, these are beautifully shot and really make the book stand out, all of the models look fabulous and are really inspiring in how to create the looks.

My personal favourite is this image of Lisa who I think looks SENSATIONAL. (I actually have put this pic in my dissertation too. Random)

Although this book is quite short it really is packed full of useful and interesting information and is a book I will be looking back at time and time again (who knew neat vodka was good for removing smells!)
So if you want to get a bit more vintage in your life you can buy the book here
Naomi is also available for vintagepersonal shopping experiences, so if you want to meet the lovely lady herself and have some of the vintage secret experience you can!

3 thoughts on “Style me vintage clothes: A little review

  1. I really want to get my hands on a copy of this gorgeous book. I'm just on the borderline of stepping into the vintage world and I think something like this would be so useful. Glad to hear you loved it!R xx

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