CC41 in pictures.

CC41 has been one of my obsessions for a long while, but as I am currently selling not one BUT TWO fabulous cc41 pieces I thought i would share some “past and presents” from my collection to give my followers a little more of an insight into cc41 and what it meant.

I’ll start off with my favourite little cc41 item that actually belonged initially to Naomi Thompson before i sold it for here last year! You can read more about this little blouse here….

What’s most interesting to me about this blouse though has to be the number of labels in it. Normally (as you will see) CC41 garments only contained the cc41 label and no manufacturers labels, but this item actually had three- the maximum number allowed in a garment under the restrictions.

At one point during the war manufacturers labels almost completely dissapeared. As the dress from my collection below shows…

This dress is one f that I’m currently selling, (you can find it on ebay here). The dress although clearly “designed” and nicely made has no label indicating the manufacturer. The dress also (as is typical of cc41) has no zips- zips were considered unreliable at the time and one of the main points of cc41 was to try and make long lasting garments- hence why zips were not used. Therefore if you find a cc41 item with a zip it is likely it was either from a post war garment- OR a later addition. One thing I particularly like about this dress is its slightly deco influenced white buttons. The “deco” styling is something that I often find on cc41 pieces….

This coat shows the deco styling with its amazing bakelite buckle ( original). The coat is the only pieces of cc41 luxury that has passed through my hands (another piece from Naomi’s collection!)

The swing in this coat is simply amazing and has inverted pleats to the side to give a little more swing without using too much added fabric. That is something you often find with cc41- clever cutting to utilise fabric to the best of advantage. You can bid on this coat on ebay here!

The question i often wondered though is why you tend to find so many shoes with the cc41 stamp (these are a pair of my cc41 shoes and were one of my earliest pieces of serious vintage purchased), but comparatively few items of clothing? Well, it seems that cc41 labels were often removed as people at the time didn’t like the associations of CC41, of course you can remove a label- but you can’t remove a stamp, which accounts for a lot!

For a rather more in-depth post about cc41 click here!

Prints, Peplums and polka dots

Hello all!

Another beautiful things I’m selling post. This week LOTS of pieces that appeared in Naomi Thompson’s style me vintage: Clothes book.

And, I am going prints mad. Florals, polka dots, novelty prints, the lot!

From Style Me Vintage:

 Find it on ebay here

  Find it on ebay here

  Find it on ebay here

Also, some amazing original 1940s pieces, including one of my CC41 dresses.

 Find it on ebay here

AND some sensational 50s pieces.

This Berkertex continentals dress has the most fabulous novelty print, from Naomi’s collection.

 Find it on ebay here

This poppy print outfit is ever so versatile too.

Or, if you like the 70s there are a few sunshine yellow pieces to brighten up your day despite the horrible English weather we are suffering with!

 Find it on ebay here

See all the current auctions here

If you would like any more info, do drop me an email

AND keep a watch out. Next week there will be amazing pieces coming up in black and white…

It’s think pink week for Advantage In Vintage

If you follow me on twitter @liztregenza you might have seen tweets that I was going to be selling off some of the fabulous @vintagesecret (Naomi Thompson’s) collection. Well, I am delighted to say that at the moment I have some of these wonderful items avaialable on ebay, including a dress that was featured in her recent book Styleme vintage: Clothes.

I am keeping my listings each week at the moment to distinct themes. This weeks theme is think pink. So there are lots of fab pieces from the 30s through to the 80s in pink tones. Not only are there items from Naomis collection, but some of the examples currently up on offer are from my personal collection too. With not one, not two but THREE Susan Small dreses from the 1950s.  I am still desperrately downsizing, and there are lots more items coming up in the next few weeks (dresses by Alice Edwards, Blanes and Radley to name but a few).

To go to the listings on ebay just click the link under each image

A gorgeous white dress with blue and pink floral design

A simply delightful 50s St. Michael skirt

One of the dresses for sale as featured in Style me vintage

An amazing pink floral dress from my collection that is up for sale. This dress has a wonderful back detail back!

Not just pink, but polka dot too. This ace dress is an 80s Laura Ashley number

Another from my collection (and one I really don’t want to let go of). A Susan Small dress

There will also be more to come from Naomi’s collection including some highly collectible pieces (the most amazing novelty print berketex dress, a quorum skirt and a delightful 30s black evening dress amongst other items.)

If you want to know anymore about the pieces I am selling feel free to drop me an email.