New to Ebay this week

So, I recently decided that I was going to cut right back on my ebay sales to concentrate on cutting dow my collection via ebay instead, BUT i decided to have one last blow out sale filled with summer gems (i still have some great swimsuits to put up on etsy by the way!)

This sale is my “super special” sale and hence I have tried to fill it with pieces that deserve that tag.

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30s navy blue silk suit 


Laura Phillips 1930s evening gown


Ballerina print 1940s dress









Deadstock 1940s two piece swimsuit.


1940s love letter print dress


1950s Victor Josselyn dress


1950s stripe Horrockses dress


1950s sambo fashions dress with novelty hat print












1950s Maureen Baker Sportswear white floral printed dress


1950s vintage dressing gown as featured on the FRONT COVER of style me vintage: Clothes and as worn by me here


1960s carnegie dress and matching coat


1970s Dollyrockers maxi dress












And finally an original 1970s Pucci maxi dress with signed print. It is so fabulous it hurts.

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Horrockses brand name purchased by Bluewell ventures

So, after months of wondering who has purchased the Horrockses brand name yesterday it was announced that the brand had been purchased by a company called “Bluewell ventures”, a Manchester based company. Back in April I wrote about my fears/ thoughts about the sale of the brand name which you can read here, and now the sale has actually happened I am not sure how I feel about it.

First off a note of annoyance on the telegraph article (yes I am being pedantic, but that is me all over). WHY newspapers feel the need to attribute EVERY vintage trend popularity to Mad men is completely beyond me, funnily enough there are more things than just mad men that has influenced the way people dress in the last 5 years or so… And secondly, Horrockses are famed for their “50s style dresses”, NO Horrockses were famed for their dresses in the 50s. Tsk, the Telegraph, tsk.

At the time numerous articles were suggesting that major high street retailers such as John Lewis were interested in the brand, but rather than a well known purchaser “Bluewell ventures” (a company formed only in May this year)  has stepped in. I am feeling pretty glad that it is a Manchester brand that has purchased the Horrockses name though as this sticks with the Heritage of Horrockses as a Lancashire company and I hope this is remembered as a factor. I hope this also means the potential for garments to be produced in the UK too, as I think the “Made In England” aspect of Horrockses pieces is part of what makes them so special.

So what will happen now? We shall wait and see what the company do with the brand, but the telegraph report seems to suggest a revival of Horrockses as a fashion brand. I hope they remember that Horrockses were renowned for their QUALITY. If they are going to produce clothing again these need to be produced in beautiful cotton that respects the original designs. I would be perfectly happy seing more home items using Horrockses prints, but fashion garments? I’m not so sure that bluewell ventures will be able to do the Horrockses brand name justice, but we shall wait and see…

Read the telegraph article here.

It’s all a bit NEW

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are still able to find me here on my spangly new website. After four writing over on I decided it was time for an update. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for an absolute age (I’ve owned this new domain name since January) but simply haven’t got around to! So why the change? Mostly I was fed up with the sheer volume of spam I was getting through blogspot, but also I wanted something that looked a little more professional, and also user friendly. I hope everyone finds this is the case when they are reading it!

So, I would much appreciate if anybody who has links to my blog in their blogroll would kindly change it over to this blog address instead! The same goes for following on bloglovin’ and networked blogs. You can even now follow this blog via subscription! 

AND on the subject of newness I not only have a spangly new blog, but I also have now opened an Etsy shop which is filled with lovely vintage goodies. I am still selling over on ebay, but I will be slowly but surely moving the majority of my business over to Etsy. If you are a liker on my facebook page there is a special discount code you can use there too!




And because my posts are never complete without a few pictures here I am in my New Horrockses (yeah…Oranges AND Lemons)

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