My blog was in need of a logo

On friday night i was thinking to myself my blog needs a little something to make it more interesting, so i have had an experiment with creating a logo. I drew all of these by hand and then edited them and fiddled with them on photoshop, i think they turned out pretty well. I ended up picking the last of these logos as i think it looked the most striking.

I so desperately want to make this…
I was just on the Victoria and Albert museum website ( i think i have a problem i seem to go on the website at east once a day for “research” purposes) and found this!!!
It is a pattern to create a Horrockses dress, definite excitement! As mentioned previously i absolutely adore horrockses, and whilst i am still on the hunt to buy another original dress i may have to satisfy myself by making one for now…this could just be my personal christmas project!
…Also if on the internet etc. anyone stumbles across an origninal 40’s/50’s horrockses dress in an original size 10 (some sellers will list it as a 6..thats basically what the size equates to today) let me know!

Acrobats and poodles
Oh Schiaparelli, the legend that was. If there is one garment i wish i could own it is this amazing pin jacket with horse print and acrobat buttons from the 1938 circus collection it is just so beautiful and so incredibly fun. I even have the outfit in mind with which to ear it, huge diamante clip on earrings, Ray-ban wayfarers, high waisted capris a black vest and 40’s platform suede peeptoes, perfection.
I can still remember when i first saw it at the V & A exhibition in (i think) 2001. Schiaparelli did something amazing for the design world she injected fun and life in a carefree way like no other since and had an incredible ability of combining art with fashion. Many people consider the 30’s to be a period which was divided by the two gigantic female figures of Schiap and Chanel. Chanel the incredibly powerful determined and beautiful business woman, had it all but her designs simply don’t have the same degree of excitement as Schiap’s. She was far from beautiful (you may even say ugly) and saw fashion more as another form of art. But essentially she has remained important because of the influences she bought to fashion which have stayed, the shoulder pad, the zip, “shocking pink”.
Schiap, Schiap, horray 🙂