It would appear I’ve been feeling a bit blue…

Today it is time for an outfit post, which in reality contains a smattering of two weeks outfits. I always say to myself, yep I’m going to try and take pictures every day, but in reality I never get round to it/ my hair looks terrible. Actually if I’m totally honest my hair looks terrible in most of these pictures anyway… (*note to self* must go and get fringe cut soon).

First off is this little dress. One of my fave Horrockses to wear because the cotton is so light and cool. I’ve had this dress for about two years now, and owing to its missing bolero it cost me the princely sum of £20. This is a particularly nice, fully lined dress, and i think it might have started off life full length. Although for me it is much more wearable at the length it is now. I’ve worn it here with my trusty Miss L Fire shoes (as you can see from the rest of my pictures I live in Miss L Fire‘s/ Vans at the moment). This was also the last day I still had my glastonbury wristband on. *sob*. Memories.



My next outfit came from a few days later. Again with the miss L Fires, and the first day of terrible terrible “humidity hair”. The dress is a 1970s number, it is a Rose for Radley dress and came from the ever wonderful Liz Eggleston of Vintage-A-Peel. If i’m feeling brave I may soon post a pic of the swimsuit I purchased from her too.


Next off in my string of summer dresses was this lovely blue number that came from Rainbow valley vintage. I’d intended selling this dress on, but it seems to fit me better than it did last summer and managed to creep back into my wardrobe. Worn with another pair of Miss L Fire’s that have a fabulous bow on the back. I really do love Miss L Fire shoes for their ability to accomodate my fat yet childishly small feet.




Then came this pretty little dress, which is actually far too tight for me. It’s late 1950s American (junior miss size), an ebay purchase some years back I decided that the blue check was a bit too plain for me and jazzed it up with a Tatty Devine necklace and a hot pink belt that came via a charity shop for the princely sum of 20p.




These were the nails I was rocking for the enitrety of last week. Combo of Barry M, Rimmel AND Models Own nail polish

After I got to this point in my photo taking. I realised WAIT A SECOND. Every dress is blue, I honestly think I have a problem with wearing blue dresses, as in this time period I wore a further two 1950s blue dresses. I don’t even like blue that much as a colour….

So after that revelation on wednesday I dug out a GREEN dress from my wardrobe. I purchased this last year at the festival of vintage in York and it is by Blanes. One of my favourite labels. The toile de jouy print on this is quite subtle and incredibly elegant.


And finally my outfit of choice from yesterday. In the morning i went cycling (I give this as an excuse for my lack of make up) and had to wear something that wouldn’t get caught in my bike wheels (Ah. Vintage girl problems i think we might say). The shirt is 1970s by John Craig, purchased from Clobber in Bournemouth and the shorts are a fabulous shipping flag print by Sportaville and came to me via ebay. One of my colleagues at work yesterday afternoon was particularly amused by them. You can “read” the shorts in their full glory in this post.


Has everyone else been enjoying the hot weather with summe suitable outfits?

A few bits and bobs for sale!

Hello all! Just wanted to announce that I have a few things up on offer, exclusively through the blog and facebook. These AREN’T going an ebay, just send me an email if you are interested in anything for sale here!

Vintage late 50s dress by Blanes. Chiffon type fabric. Beautiful pleated bodice. Very good condition apart from one bone missing from the bodice and a small repair to the skirt which is lost in the folds of fabric.

Marked as a size 16- more like an 8-10!
Bust: 34in
Waist: 27in

Length: 48in

A real show stopper- perfect for a New years party!
Price: £75

Fabulous Baker Sportswear dress- This is a Maureen Baker design (she designed Princess Anne’s wedding dress don’t you know!) Brand was part of the Susan Small family.
This is a relatively early nylon dress- probably early 50s covered in the most wonderful floral print!
Condition: A few minor marks, overall very good.
Bust: 36-38in

Waist: 27in
Length: 60in
Roughly suited to a size 8 to 10

Price: £75

Stunning gold brocade long wiggle dress. Superbly elegant number. Probably early 60s, with matching little round necked jacket.
Bust: 33in
Waist: 26in

Length: 57in
Bust: 36in
Length: 17.5in

Roughly suited to a size 8 to 10

Condition: Excellent
Price: £45


One of the best early 70s Biba dresses, made from apple green moss crepe. Accented by THE best leaf belt. The dress has a real 40s style to it.
Bust: 40in
Waist: 36in
Length: 46in

Due to the belt this can be pulled in and made smaller roughly suited to a size 12 or a 10 when tightly belted.

Condition: Very good. One tiny hole near the hem, a few small pulls and the hem requires re-stitching, but nothing to major!

Price: £120


Great 70s Horrockses fashions tea dress. Amazing atomic print. Made from polyester, with matching belt. 
Bust: 40in
Waist: 36in
Length: 42in
Roughly suited to a size 12 or perhaps a 14.
Condition: Excellent.
Price: £30

Fab petrol blue 60s wiggle dress with a gentle sheen by Ladycourt London. An absolutely fab party dress!
Bust: 36in
Waist: 29in
Length: 33in
Roughly suited to a size 8 to 10
Condition: Two small areas at the hem require re-stitching.
Price: £40

Winter may be closing in, but I still think it’s summer.

So, as we edge closer to December my clothes seem to think it’s still August. I do’t know what it is about me, I just can’t do winter.

Anyway, thought i would share two of my fave outfits of the last week, demonstrating that I still seem to think it’s summer.

This was my outfit for one of my best pals engagement parties last week. GAH! Everyone is growing up : (

Dress: Blanes (late 50s)
Shoes: Rayne (early 60s)
Earrings: These came from the V&A shop years ago!

I actually ended up wearing flat shoes in the end…but these gorgeous diamate encrusted numbers did look pretty swish with my outfit.

This was my outfit on tuesday.

Jumper: Jaeger (early 60s)
Skirt: Amezzzin Parisian print number. I actually had one of these in black too that I sold. This is a home made number from the 50s.
Shoes: Vans. I live in these blimmin things at the moment.
Brooch: Tatty Devine. Look it’s a bunny with a little fluffy tail!