Going Etsy crazy

Even MORE new stock listed on etsy this week. Check out the Advantage in Vintage shop. More to come next week too!

A few of my fave pieces:


Adorable 2 piece Blanes suit. 1960s. £55 size 8-10.


1950s P.E.T. novelty floral print dress. £85 size 8-10.


Crazy novelty print Sportaville capri pants. £49 size 8-10.


The best lucite sparkling bangle £10.


Novelty Asian temple and elephant print skirt- 1950s. £55 size 8






Don’t forget I also have TONS of great vintage listed on eBay at the moment.  Auctions as ever all start at 99p. Some INSANE 50s dresses are being listed tonight (11th May!)


Advantage in Vintage on ebay


Advantage in Vintage on etsy

Advantage In Vintage is back!


So, it is safe to say to say it has been a while since i last posted here…but for good reason! I was busily finishing my MA dissertation, which, thank goodness, I handed in last Thursday. I am glad to say I am now back in the world of the living, and more importantly for all of you in search of lovely vintage pieces, I am back in the world of selling too!I am letting go over this summer huge swathes of my personal collection. I need to downsize before I move out of home (finally!) in August. This means there are some unbelievably good pieces coming up- in particular stunning summer dresses, evening dresses and swimwear. I can’t believe quite how much I have collected in the past 8 years or so. Keep your eyes peeled in particular if you are a UK size 8 or 10, as there are some REALLY special pieces from my personal collection coming up in these sizes.The first ebay sale of the summer season started yesterday. I am going yo try and have an ebay sale starting every/ every other Sunday over the summer so keep checking and add me to your favourite sellers.


Find me on ebay here




1950s pink floral print dress UK 10/ 12



1950s multi-coloured rose print Berketex dress UK 8/10




1950s novelty print Victor Josselyn dress UK 6/8






1950s striking Duprez party dress UK 6/8

I am also listing lots of new stock on etsy too. Great summer dresses, and there are some fabulous accessories to come soon too!


find me on etsy here



Victor Josselyn bold floral silk dress UK 6/8 £89



2 piece 1950s carnegie gold silk suit £89




1950s John Weitz of Nardis blue and white stripe cotton dress £59




1950s 1960s black lace cocktail dress by Blanes with huge bow £85


Don’t forget, I have started to post previews of items coming up for sale on my instagram, and as ever I am posting on my advantage-in-vintage facebook page about what new pieces are coming up, so do give me a follow!!!