The big Advantage in Vintage Christmas sale!

DRUM ROLL Advantage in vintage is back trading in ebay land after quite a big hiautus!!!! I had mostly been concentrating on selling via etsy (I have to admit, I am preferring etsy to ebay at the moment!), but for Christmas I am back with what can only be described as a BUMPER sale. I currently have 60 fabulous party dresses and coats listed, and on Sunday there will be another 60!!! That’s right 120 items of  vintage (and a bit of modern!) goodness.  Not only that, I am also preparing some more winter bits which will be listed after Christmas (i.e. less Christmas suitable pieces, more just good winter pieces).


Check out all the listings here


So, what lovely goodies are already listed? Here is just a quick rundown of a few of my personal faves.

Fabulous 1930s hot pink satin full length evening dress


Purple Frank Usher bubble dress


San Paula novelty cracker print 40s housecoat


Black 50s Prestige junior velvet wiggle dress


70s slinky John Marks emerald green evening dress


Gorgeous red Ben Zuckermann jacket (this label is preeeety collectible in the States!)


Stunning Alice Edwards 1950s brocade evening dress



Amazing pale blue embroidered ball gown


Insane 70s does 50s gold prom dress- This will surely make you shine at all the Christmas parties this year





Don’t forget to check out ebay tomorrow for lots of coats and handbags too!!!


Come and hear me talk about Horrockses


Hello all!!!!

So I am super busy at the moment, and don’t have much time for blogging, but next tuesday (19th November) I will be talking about Horrockses and conducting a handling session with some of the dresses from my collection at the RCA as part of “Death by Slideshow”. The event is open to all, so if you would like to come along and learn some more about Horrockses (oh and Persian textiles… I am talking with a fellow rather fabulous RCA student Dorothy Armstrong)

The event is held at the RCAcafe. If you have any further questions about the event drop me an email: or tweet @unmakingthings (co run by myself and the wonderful Annie Thwaite) and we can provide you with some further details!

And a little more detail on the talk series that this is part of:

“Unmaking Things presents: Death by Slideshow -A Talk Series Designed to Re-evaluate the Position and Direction of Contemporary Design Research.  

Disseminating some of the vibrant research issuing from students of the V&A/RCA History of Design Postgraduate Programme; Unmaking Things is pleased to announce the launch of its first talk series, Death by Slideshow.

Running each Tuesday evening throughout November, this series will offer insights into a range of material relating to the field of design research, including design practice and theory drawn from an array of geographies, periods and cultures.

Featuring two contributors each evening, this material will then feed into broader discussions around empirical and theoretical research and approaches within the field of design research.

Furthermore the event will reflect on the current direction of design and object-based history; and encourage discussion around the relevance of recent developments to contemporary design practice.”

I hope to see you there on the 19th November!

Laura Ashley press day SS14

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to get invited along to the Laura Ashley spring summer 2014 press day and what an absolute TREAT it was with both fashion and home offering up great collections for next season.


In terms of fashion there was a fantastic, and actually quite varied colour palette, that I can see appealing to a broad spectrum of women. The pieces for early spring were particularly strong with respects to bold geometric graphic prints in jersey fabrics and printed onto knitwear.

IMG_1358 IMG_1361 IMG_1362


Laura Ashley was, as ever, great on florals. Simple warm knits with bold floral designs in particular will I am sure be popular for Laura Ashley in early spring. After recently purchasing their dressage cardigan I am all about Laura Ashley signature knits, incredibly soft whilst being warm and light to wear. They are great quality for their price point.

It was nice to see though that this season rather than having a separate archive collection archive prints had been mixed in with mainline designs. Appearing on everything from bags, to garments to flip flops.

For me though it was really the strong and zingy summer fete colour palette that stood out in fresh bright white, pink and zingy green. The pink gingham check dress with a real 50s vibe, and the printed slim leg trousers are top of my wish list for next year.


There were also a number of pieces that did not appear at the press day that caught my eye in the lookbook. I am already in love with this stamp print dress, that I am sure I will be purchasing next year!


In terms of home ware there were lots of bold room settings to be seen. The kitchenalia and bird print wallpapers stood out and colours were again fresh and bright. There was also a good mix of traditional and modern with respect of the room settings. There was a particularly striking purple black and silver room setting that stepped away from what one might traditionally associate with Laura Ashley, but was incredibly effective nonetheless.

IMG_1371 IMG_1365 IMG_1364


All in all a very successful preview I feel. Next year Laura Ashley will be a go to store for printed pieces I am sure!