Becoming a Peckham resident

Two weeks ago I took the plunge and (finally) moved out of home. It was with mixed emotions that I left my childhood home, excited for my new adventure yet at the same time feeling sad to leave the house I had lived in (albeit on and off) for nineteen years. I’ve now left Surrey and I am a fully fledged resident of SE15- i.e. Peckham

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 18.22.20

My casa in Surrey- yes my Dad still had England flags hanging out of the window after England were knocked out of the World Cup…

Peckham is already proving to be an absolute treat. I love the diversity in the town and the way everything just seems to mesh together in a rather wonderful jumble.

Things that excite me about Peckham:

photo 1


photo 2

Peckham has potentially the coolest library ever. I Took these pics in the beautiful sunshine yesterday : D

photo 3

…And from the library you can see the Shard : D (yes, I am one of those rare, odd people who actually likes the shard).

Peckham has some great independent shops. Lois (Choumert road)  has a delightful array of jewellery whilst Quaint and Belle (Bellenden road) stocks great homeware.


Peckham has an ace vintage shop… JHBeulah/ Threads
PLUS they are just starting up a series of what look like rather fantastic workshops inside the shop.


Peckham has a Manze pie and mash shop. Don’t. Get. Me. Started. There is something about pie and mash shops (the proper old school London ones) that I just adore. Gimme a slightly burnt pie, lumpy mash that folds over the edge of the plate and lashings of liquor and I’m a happy bunny.


Peckham doesn’t have a tube stop but this seems to mean you can get a bus ANYWHERE. £1.45 to get wherever you like in London? Absolute Win. (The no.12 gets you to Oxford Circus : D)


Peckham has both a Lidl AND an Aldi.


Peckham has a really eclectic mix of pubs and bars. So far we’ve only tried a few but the ones we’ve been too thus far have been more than pleasant.

Peckham has a Wetherspoons…It’s the cheapest Wetherspoons I’ve ever been in. Seriously- under a fiver for a pint and a glass of wine. A-Mazing.

Do you know the Peckham area? do you have any tips for where to visit/ eat/ drink? Drop me an email!

I’ve been told to check out the Lordship Lane area too…so I will share my findings soon : D

2 thoughts on “Becoming a Peckham resident

  1. I was in Peckham on Friday night Liz! First time I’ve ever been there, went to a breakdance battle at the CLF Art Cafe..there were so many creative things going on in one building, it was crazy! Anyway, here’s the website if you’re interested –
    and we’ll have to catch up some time too if you’re free, been ages! Best of luck in the new house! 🙂

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