Vintage obsessions: Rhona Roy

Surprisingly (some may say) beyond Horrockses there are a few other labels I am really interested in, and that I get very excited over when I come across.

I am going to try and do an individual blog post about each of my “big labels” T o show off some of the fantastic examples I have found here there and everywhere!

Rhona Roy

A label I have managed to find very little information on, but the brand did produce a lot of beautiful cotton dresses in a similar vein to Horrockses, right through the 50’s. I have seen the Rhona Roy label appear as late as the 1970s. There was a main line labelled simply “Rhona Roy” and a line for the younger teenage girl called young ideas by Rhona Roy.

This example comes from the Hampshire museum service collection and is truly a head turner (one of those rarities that has its original bolero too!) The minty colour is so perfectly summery too. Mmmmm making me think about pistachio ice cream. It dates from c1955-59

The company was also one of the numerous labels that Pattie Boyd modelled for.

3 thoughts on “Vintage obsessions: Rhona Roy

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