Some of my favourites

Here are just a few examples of my favourite vintage garment that i own, i have tried to give a rough description of each too. Enjoy 🙂
Truly amaze dress from Story of O leeds, a nightmare to get into with its 32 buttons but totally worth it!!! As a fashion student the detailing on this simply amazed me it has tiny waist darts, a peplum, dolman sleeves and zipped cuffs. I am told it is a 1960’s dress and it is in absolutely immaculate condition considering its age. When i saw it i knew i had to have it! It has a 22in waist and i was madly determined that i WOULD fit into it. Well worth it though 🙂

CC41 platforms from ebay, which i can just about squish my feet into! They are in actual unworn condition as they were bought as deadstock, i love the platform on them and the chunky stacked heel. Why can’t anyone make shoes this beautiful anymore???

Black lace dress Hope and Harlequin- Brighton. This was one of my first “proper” pieces of vintage and i looooove it to absolute pieces I bought it before the trend for lace really came in a few seasons ago and it is one of those pieces that i know will stay with me until it perishes probably. It is actually one of the few pieces of vintage i own that i didn’t need altered at all (apart from my Horrockses dress and the obsession with this is well known!), i always have the feeling that it was meant for me. b-e-a-utiful