The Collection

I LOVE collecting vintage clothing and my collection is pretty sizeable. I am interested though not only in collecting vintage garments but also ephemera relating to brands (whether this be pamphlets, labels or magazines). If you have items by any of the brands I list that you would like me to take a look at- or have interesting information relating to the brands (perhaps you worked for one of them?!?) do get in contact with me.



Brands I love:


– Horrockses

– Susan Small

– Frederick Starke


– Blanes

– Alice Edwards

– Peggy Page

-Polly Peck

– Rhona Roy

– California Cottons

– Matita

– Elizabeth Henry

– Brenner Sports

– Dorville

– Sambo fashions (Samuel Sherman)

– Ossie Clark

– Miss Mouse

– Fiorucci


One thought on “The Collection

  1. I was very happy to find some information about Rhona Roy in your website. I have a dress that I bought a fews years ago and I love it 60’s style.

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