Talking for Southern Counties Costume Society.

Today I’ve been talking to Southern Counties Costume Society all about my vintage collection, focusing in on my 50s dresses.

These are some of the gorgeous selection of pieces I took along with me.

It really was a great day as not only was I speaking but we had a talk from underwear expert Rod Quilter ( Rod is HILARIOUS- this tales about vintage underwear had me giggling all the way home). He discussed underwear of the 50s from the glamorous down to the downright frumpy. My particular highlight was seeing some amazing conical stitched bras. Swoon.

If you want to find out more about the costume society just click the link to their website.

And this is the outfit I wore for the occasion! Miss L Fire shoes (my current faves) worn with a Gap black scoop back body and my 1950s Richard Shops champagne print skirt.

Are you looking for someone to do an informative talk about vintage fashion?
Please do feel free to get in contact!

I’m talking for Winchester fashion week

Just wanted to let everyone know about a little talk I am doing for Winchester Fashion Week in under two weeks time!

The talk will take place on Wednesday 13th June 3pm at Winchester Discovery centre

I spoke last year about fashion in the 1950s and had a great time at Winchester discovery centre. I’m hoping this year will be just as good.

Here’s the blurb


The 1940s saw World War Two take over peoples lives in Britain. But what did the war mean for fashion?

Come and find out more about fashion on the ration , the types of clothing people wore during the war and the global effect of World War Two on fashion.

For more info on Winchester fashion week click here

Tickets (which are free) can be acquired here

I’ve also got a few more talks coming up, so keep a look out and I’ll continue to post when and where I will be talking!

The fabulous fifties lecture

On monday i did my first proper lecture for Winchester fashion week. Now i’ve spoken to people before, done minor talks but this was my first talk with a BIG audience. 71 people turned up, which for a little lecture in the Winchester Discovery centre was pretty amazing.I spoke about 1950’s fashion, and i think my passion for the topic really cam across! People had wonderful things to say and were so kind about the pieces from my ever growing collection which i took with me. Winchester fashion week is happening all this week. There are lots of great events still to happen such as the Cirque du fashion shows. These are just a few of my own pics, but when i get hold of the other from the WFW team i’ll upload those too.

Winchester fashion week can be found here:

Also you may notice i have rather spiffing hair and make up. This was done by the Vintage Hair Lounge in Southampton who i played at being a model for on Monday morning. I’m going to write a bit more about them in my next blog post!