Glasses galore

Buying glasses can be a tricky game to say the least. What frame shape suits your face is often the first problem! After many years traipsing round after my mother in various opticians I know this only too well.
The problem with opticians on the high street often tends to be the price. Last week mother dearest tried on one of THE nicest pairs of Tom Ford glasses I have seen in a long time. A larger version of the cats eye shape of glasses. But, the frames were priced at a whopping £225. A little bit of research on the internet found the same pair of glasses for just a fraction of the price from Smartbuyglassses. Here, the same pair of Tom ford glasses were just £141.95

These glasses are one of my undeniable favourites on the market at the moment. I just love the fact they have a little bit of a retro look to them, yet are very modern too. What is great is the way in which they cater to a number of different glasses styles (like your glasses thick? Check. Need glasses that are thick enough at the sides to conceal your lenses? Check. Like the cats eye shape? Check)

They come in a number of differentcolours. Black, Tortoiseshell and a two tone frame too.
After perusing a little longer on the site I cam across some more fabulous glasses this time from Prada.
I adore the different colours on the inside and outside of these Prada glasses.
Also come in lots of other colours!!!
And, even better if you are looking for some great sunglasses there is a wide selection on the site too. Especially if you are off on a nice little ski trip this winter!
This ace pair come from Bolle.

Because I want some new shoes…

It’s got to that time of year when more practical (or rather more enclosed) shoes need to be worn. It has now got far too cold to wear my favourite Miss L Fire carnivale shoes and ballet pumps all the time!

Here are a few pairs of shoes I’ve come across whilst wandering around the internet that I absolutely love! Oh if only for that funny thing called money…

Blue bird multi suede- £65 Office

These also come in black. Great height for all day wear!

Poetic licence (Irregular choice) £99.99

Completely mental but very cool!

Irregular choice £79.99

Again pretty mad. But the heel height is sensible! They would certainly brighten up a dull day

Black sparkly flats from Call it spring $40.00

These come in half sizes… which is always an advantage. I love this slipper style shoe

Miss L Fire- £99.99

Art deco inspired shoes. I pretty much want every pair of shoes in Miss L Fire’s autumn winter collection. These though are pretty sensational.

…and just to be completely outrageous (because if i had money to burn a pair of Church’s would be top of my list)

Church’s polished fume wood brogues- £ 195

Hair and make up by Pretty Me Vintage

Just wanted to share a few pics of my LOVELY hair and make-up done yesterday for a photoshoot by Natasha Hall of pretty me vintage (more details on this photshoot coming shortly, lets just say I got to wear some SENSATIONAL dresses!). I love the slightly Spanish Senorita look of the make up and the deep red which is a colour I would never normally wear, but may now contemplate experimenting with.  This hair and make-up has withstood 6 hours of shooting and then a trip back across London too! I was very impressed.

You can find Natasha here: pretty me vintage

(p.s. an update after three people already asked me about my dress. It’s a late 50s Horrockses!)