Cheltenham Literature festival…or the night where 200 people saw my pants

Back in early October I had the pleasure of modeling for my dear friend Naomi Thompson at Cheltenham literature festival, along with Jenni Siggs of Yesterday girl. We were there to show vintage fashion from the underwear up, and help to promote Naomi’s wonderful book Style me Vintage: Clothes, which I review here!
Thanks to the ever wonderful Hanson Leatherby I have some wonderful pics from the event to share with you.
Here are a few from the day…
Naomi looking blimmin’ gorgeous, whilst I look an un-made-up mess!
Sat on stage in one of Naomi’s gorgeous vintage robes.
This is me in my pants ; ) My bra is from What Katie Did, pants are Topshop and the girdle is an original vintage number.
This was then topped off with one of my all time favourite dresses. This little checked number is by Alice Edwards. One of THE ultimate party dresses I own.
Sadly the bag you see here has now left my collection, some lucky person on ebay purchased it from me a few weeks ago!

The cocktail party with all of the guests post-talk!

…And just to finish, Naomi looking lovely with lots of copies of her fantastic book : )

Birthdays and Baptisms

I’ve had one of those lovely weekends where I spend lots of time with the people I love. Last night was my dear friend Nikki’s 23rd birthday, and then today I went to go and see her baptised! It was a pretty special thing to go to… and even as someone who counts themselves as pretty un-religious it was certainly a moving experience.
Two lovely occasions gives me an opportunity to share  two outfits!

The dress I am wearing is by Martin Grant, I bought it second hand a few years back at around 10% it’s original retail value. I have to say I was pretty shocked when I looked up online how expensive his dresses were new, but this dress is beautifully cut and made. The detailing at the waistline is particularly spectacular.

I’m wearing it here with some ancient Faith platforms ( I bought these when I was in sixth form!!) and a pair of vintage earrings.
I will admit the dress is a little bit too tight for me, so by the end of the night I did feel like the circulation to my hips was being cut off.
Today I wore one of my favourite vintage 70s suits (the skirt has a 22in waist- oh the pain). I teamed it with a little mint green 70s shirt that is by Bus Stop. It has THE best buttons.
I love the little hat I wore too, I think it is probably a 40s one- mixing up particularly unmatching colours (mint green and deep red????) as ever!

Lipstick and florals

I thought i would share my latest lipstick purchase, and a nice little outfit too!

This is the outfit I wore this tuesday, consisting of a lovely late 50s boussac cotton floral skirt, gap top and clarks shoes. The highlight of my outfit though has to be my Tatty Devine pen nib earrings! I love these earrings. From a distance they look quite conventional until you get close up and see they are little pen nibs with ink drips!


On to the lipstick though! I have been wearing the same YSL red since I was 17. I like a red with a teeny hint of orange to it. I’ve tried other ones since, but I always go back to YSL 150.

My only reason for buying a different lipstick was Superdrug 3 for 2, but I’m pretty impressed with my choice! I purchased one of the new-ish Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks in shade 22. It’s a lot deeper red than my other one with a slight hint of pink to it. I have to say I absolutely LOVE the colour, although it doesn’t have particularly great staying power.


You can get the lipstick here