Many moons ago (ok 2011…) I sent a tweet to a lovely lady called Naomi Thompson regarding fun things to do in Portsmouth…little did I know what I’d started. Shortly afterwards Naomi asked for some assistance on her upcoming book Style Me Vintage: Clothes. I happily helped Naomi out, and soon a friendship blossomed.

Last year Naomi and I were approached and asked whether we would like to write an accessories book for the Style Me Vintage series… and thus Style Me Vintage: Accessories was born . In this book we have combined accurate historical information with useful styling tips and beautiful photographs (taken by the super talented Brent Darby). We wanted to make sure it was easy to follow and have divided the book into accessory types as opposed to eras. Inside you’ll find not only true vintage pieces but also great modern reproductions and styling ideas to inspire you when creating your own look.


The book will be released with Pavilion in September 2015. All eager beavers can pre-order the book on Amazon now.



One thought on “Books

  1. I have many memories of Starkes his family and business .
    The business did start in Great Portland street but moved to Bruton street in 1945..6 when the premises it took over were renovated by a small builder who was found by my aunt Ethel who lived in our town just north of London My aunt was a director of Starkes and essentially ran the business from Nottingham during the war. My aunt was a great character straight out of twemties fashion,shortlooking like an Irish jockey with a great hook nose smoking cigaretes through a long holder..she retired in 1964 when Freddie sold out to Courtaulds who essentially closed it down There were three directors Freddie Starke the designer a mild shy man ,Leo Aronson from Hollywood..he started the Four Hundred Club a short bear like man who used to pad about menacingly and my aunt Her name was the Starkes very elegant black and scarlet note paper If you have any I d love to have a copy of it E M Rogers. Starke and the Aronsons always gaveme lovely books as Christmas presents
    In the school hols I was always in Starkes in the beautiful semi showroom under the main showroom at the front where Stella Macartney is now.My aunt used to drink a lot in the Guinea pub in the Mews and was gradually removed from her directorship but certainly when she retired the business closed I could write much more.I would like to know what happened to Starke and his daughter Sheila…It all seems a bit mysterious as theres very little about them
    I am eighty one and live in Budapest but still have my old family house near London that I let out I realise you are probably long finished with Starke nowadays but any info you have I would be very grateful for
    When my aunt retired she went to live in Wales with Starkes divorced wife and died there. I visited her in Swansea hospital the night she died

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