Bye Bye 2012!

Deffo the best thing i’ve done this year- featuring in Homes and Antiques
It’s that time of year. I.e. end of year review time. This year has been crazy. I can’t believe some of the mad things I’ve done this year, and considering I thought 2011 couldn’t be bettered… I certainly learnt that it could.


The year started off pretty rubbish for me If I’m perfectly honest, uni stress topping my list of concerns, but I got through it, and in July 2012 this year I graudated from Leeds University with a first. Still I feel genuinely shocked about receiving that first. By no means was I the best student, but hard work and perseverance paid off.

Trip to Amsterdam with some of the Leeds Ladies!
It was also sad to say goodbye to my favourite Leeds ladies and move back to London. After four years away (including one in Hampshire) it is very odd to be back living in my the town I grew up in, slowly but surely I’m getting used to it though, and it has certainly been lovely to see all my tribe girls regularly again.

On this front 2013/ 14 holds some exciting events, in 2012 3 of my best friends got engaged. The first wedding is in May 2013, you could say I am just a tad excited!

Tasha (next to me here) is getting married in May. Scarily soon!

Lovely Nic (far left) is getting married in July!
I also went through a bit of a wobble due to not getting onto the masters course I desperately wanted. Now, looking back I’m actually quite glad I didn’t end up going to my first choice uni for my masters, I think where I ended up, The Royal College of Art will actually give me better prospects.
Due to my masters I’ve also started volunteering in the fashion and textiles department at the V&A. Currently I’m working on packing up items for the new fashion and textiles study centre at Blythe house, it is such a wonderful opportunity to get to see inside the collections of the V& A a little more.

Feature in Vintage Explorer

I’ve had lots of interesting opportunities with both magazines and online this year too. I can’t quite believe in this year alone I’ve featured in Homes and Antiques, Sunday Times Style AND vintage explorer magazine!

Featured as So Loves Vintage Vintage Girl of the Month

Two of my favouirte events this year were thanks to the ever wonderful Naomi Thompson, first off her book launch in February and secondly Cheltenham Literature festival in October. Already Naomi and I have exiting things planned for 2013, watch this space for more HUGE sales from out vintage collections next year. The first one coming up will be wedding dresses in February.
Me on Southern Retro
I’ve also met yet more wonderful people this year, and again it is twitter I must say a “thank you” to, as so many of the lovely people I have met were initially twitter followers.

With the lovely Holly Foster who I met through twitter/ blog

So what has 2013 got to offer? Lots more talks and events are already booked up, and Advantage In Vintage is getting bigger and better… just watch this space ; )

Christmas gifts and a Christmas dress!

As yesterday was Christmas I felt it was an absolute must to share with you all both my dress from the day and some of the lovely presents I received!

First off this was my dress. Now, I don’t really do winter clothes, so finding an appropriate Christmas dress was quite a challenge. I settled on something containing both red and green, a safe bet I thought!

The dress is by Peck and Peck and it is one of my favourite numbers I purchased from Mela Mela in Teddington a few years back.
The shoes are my ancient fail safe platform from Zara (you can’t really see them, but I thought I would say what they are!)
I’m wearing a pair of earrings “borrowed” from my mum. You can’t see them that easily in these pics but they are like big green jeweled feathers.
I was also trying out my mums new Dior red lipstick, it’s a little bit pinkier than the normal reds I wear. Nice, but still doesn’t stand up to my favourite YSL red.
AND onto gifts. Mamma Treg came up trumps as ever. A few lovely scarfs, some pyjamas and underwear.
There were of course the obligatory vintage treats too (my Mum is QUEEN of vintage jewellery)
These lovely earrings
And this fab set
Oh AND this super cute little case and shoes. I’m very impressed that she managed to get these shoes JUST the right size considering they are vintage and have no size in them.
I spent the day at the pub with my “pub family” and some of my mums side of the family. Over indulgence as ever, and tried to learn how to play the Wii with my 7 year old cousin too!
Hope everyone else had an equally lovely Christmas.

I’d love to see everyone else Christmas outfits! If anyone else has blogged their Christmas outfits SHARE YOUR LINKS : ) 

Pre-Christmas celebrations

Last night i had my “pre christmas” celebrations with some of my favourite ladies in the land.
We went out for dinner and cocktails, photos stolen from my dearest love Louisa and her snazzy new Iphone 5- I was very jel.

The 6 of us who went out for din dins


Me, Stef and Ellie

Nikki, Caro and Louisa (How alarmingly gorgeous do these three look!- Caro has such enviably
shiny hair)

This is my outfit from the evening. I absolutely adore this dress that I recently had repaired by the wonderful Nana of splendid stitches. The dress is a late 50s number by Judy Clare London. It really is amazing, as the way it pulls you in makes your waist look IMPOSSIBLY tiny. Love It! My shoes are an ancient pair from Faith, i stupidly gave my Mum my new black shoes to take down to Hampshire with her, leaving me with only my anciently old pair!


I did have a bit of a fiddle round with the pics last night, this is what happens when you are suffering with insomnia at 4 in the morning and need a distraction!