Come and join me at Farnham Maltings on 2nd June

Drum roll * I am excited to make a little announcement on le blog today about a vintage fair I am going to be at!
Come and join me on the 2nd June for a day of vintage fashion and frolics at Farnhams maltings. Not only will I be giving a little talk and compering the fashion show, but I will also have a stall selling some delightful goodies. I’m trying to make sure I bring a little bit of something for everyone along, and will be coming armed with vintage fashion and accessories from the 30s to the 80s. All carefully selected. I’ll definitely be bringing two sensational 60s suits, some amazing 70s maxis and a few of my old favourite cotton 50s dresses. So do come and say hi! It looks like being a very fun event.
Not only will there be a varied selection of stalls offering the best in vintage, but there are also a number of other events happening through the day including workshops and makeovers.
My stall will probably be something like this! (This was me at the festival of Vintage in Epsom last year)
Tickets are just £4!
If you see me at the fair do come and say hi! I will be typically attired in a crazy 50s dress- I promise!
Find out more about the fair here

There’s a wacky haircut and then there’s these…

I’m incredibly talented at getting distracted…like seriously. I’m currently in the process of doing a bit of research into mouches (or beauty patches) and was looking at 18th century caricatures. Of course rather than finding a selection of wonderful caricatures on mouches I instead found a veritable selection on the ludicrous hairstyles of the 18th century…. And rather than waste my procrastination skills I thought I should share them with everyone here!
The majority of these quite frankly hilarious images date to the 1770s.
Caricature of a Dressed Woman’s Back with Elaborate Hairdo, late 18th century

La Françoise à Londres. The French Lady in London,
or the Head Dress for the Year 1771

“The Vis a Vis Bisected or the Ladies Coop”,1776 M.Darly
Or as I like to call it “My hair is so tall I have to sit on the bottom of my carriage”
18th century caricature of the mode for perruques fregate
“Mlle Des Victoire coiffure à la Grenade”1779 French
“The Fatal Effects of Coquetterie”,1774 French
I Don’t have the detail for this one I’m afraid…
Hand-coloured etched engraving published by M Darly in 1777.
Mlle des Faveurs a la Promenade a Londres
And as this image proves…no these elaborate hairstyles were not simply reserved for women!
The Macaroni. A Real Character at the Late Masquerade

Mezzotint by Philip Dawe; printed for John Bowles in 1773

Quite a few of the caricatures seen here came from two amazing posts: