It’s another pre-1940s week for Advantage In Vintage

I am SO excited about some of the gorgeous items I have to offer to all of you lovely people this week!

Anyway, this week I’ve stuck to a theme and listed over twenty items of gorgeous pre 1940s vintage (a pair of CC41 shoes did sneak in…but they were similar to the original 20s shoes I’m selling so it was a must).
Here are a few little highlights for you!

This is my absolute FAVOURITE piece I am selling this week. It is just amazing. An original 1920s French Pierrot celluloid handbag frame hand painted too. I’ve seen these go for silly money in the past so get your bids in quick on this one, It has already proved incredibly popular.

This little wallet is by Ludwig Krumm (second one of these I’ve ended up with…craziness!),  his company went on to become Goldpfiel who In the 1950s achieved worldwide status of being one of the worlds most elite leather goods producers held in a similar regard to Chanel and Louis Vuitton, even producing all of the bags for Dior from 1956.

These wonderful leather shoes date to the 1920s and are still amazingly in completely wearable condition. They still could look so contemporary and are a decent width making them wearable today.

I also adore this genuine Edwardian jacket (dating between 1908 and 1912). It is so typical of its era and I can just see how it would have been worn. (buttoned boots, hobble skirt and large hat)
Find the jacket here

This amazing wool work bag is 100% showstopping. It almost looks like a Clarice Cliff design, only in wool.

Find the bag here

And, this is one of two piano shawls I have listed. This one probably dates to the 1920s and has superb delicate floral embroidery on it.

Find the shawl here

Next week will be filled with more 50s fabulousness than you can shake a stick at! Keep your eyes peeled (yes, the Horrockses I’ve been promising for a few weeks are FINALLY being listed). There is a preview album on facebook on the Advantage In Vintage page. Do take a look and satisfy your curiosity! 

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