Some other Young Designers

After discovering Charlotte Simpson the over day on F tape (brilliant resource for new design work) i have been taking a look on the website at some work by other designers who really have an innovative and different edge, here are a few of my faves:
Victoria Jensen– This collection was inspired by “60’s pop culture, vintage couture brocade fabrics and men’s tailoring.” It is reminiscent of the Moschino Spring Summer 09 collection with its oversized details. This collection has such a fun alice in Wonderland feel to it, looking at this work you can see Jensens playful air and ability to create sculptural pieces.

Beatrice Newman– This collection is so stunning with its incredibly military inspired detailing and a combination of gothic glamour with the Russian folk trend. The detailing is incredibly in these pieces with what appears to be a stretchy nylon base fabric embroidered over, with intentional holes created and the fabric wrapped over itself numerous times to create the rope braiding effect so associated with the opulent period of Tsar rule in Russia.

Rio Maddison– This collection has clear inspiration from the circus and showgirls. The lines of many of these garments are very soft and are effectively contrasted with the use of harsh colour and punky studs. You can see where Maddison has garnered her inspiration from designers such as Gareth Pugh and Luella Bartley, this collection features the effective juxtaposition of sweetly sexy with hard edge punk sensibilities.

Alice Morton- Like Charlotte Simpson i was attracted to work of Morton due to her use of vivid prints, colours and prints this bold cannot help but put you in a good mood! This collection was inspired by sweets, which suggests the bold almost childlike yet incredibly appealing use of colour. This collection is reminiscent of Carnaby street in the sixties the popping colours just make these designs irresistible.

Fab fab prints

Whilst wandering aimlessly across the internet today i discover something quite exciting, the design work of a Graduate fashion Week winner Charlotte Simpson. FAB STUFF.
I absolutely adore her use of bold patterns “inspired by turkish architecture” that have this futuristic warped, almost mechanical look to them. This is really taking something old and turning it into something new at its best. she also uses a really great variety of fabrics using “leather, suede and brightly coloured silks”. This young textile designer really has a skill for putting juxtaposing elements together in a harmonious clash, the various elements of he designs are so eye popping yo almost feel as if they shouldn’t work but somehow they just scream excitement. Her work has a look of Manoush Arora only much more wearable.
Take a looksie at some of her designs here: