Fab fab prints

Whilst wandering aimlessly across the internet today i discover something quite exciting, the design work of a Graduate fashion Week winner Charlotte Simpson. FAB STUFF.
I absolutely adore her use of bold patterns “inspired by turkish architecture” that have this futuristic warped, almost mechanical look to them. This is really taking something old and turning it into something new at its best. she also uses a really great variety of fabrics using “leather, suede and brightly coloured silks”. This young textile designer really has a skill for putting juxtaposing elements together in a harmonious clash, the various elements of he designs are so eye popping yo almost feel as if they shouldn’t work but somehow they just scream excitement. Her work has a look of Manoush Arora only much more wearable.
Take a looksie at some of her designs here: http://www.ftape.com/rt/_designers/_charlottesimpson/

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