Some of this weeks vintage ebay highlights

Hello all!

Just sharing a few highlights of what is available on my ebay at the moment (seeing I adore everything I am selling this is incredibly difficult). This is a selection of items from both mine and Naomi’s collections read more here

First off a few items ending on wednesday, not long left on these! 

Stunning 1930s full length evening dress with huge puffed sleeves. This is a true glamourous 30s piece if there ever was one

Find the ebay listing here

Absolutely adorable little cream blouse. I have a few of these at the moment. They are ace for wearing with bold bright skirts. A real staple piece, and all of the white ones I have are in great condition (i’ve got some more 50s ones in pale blue and pale mint coming up too)

Find the ebay listing here

Amazing black velvet jacket with contrast gold satin bow and cuffs. The details on this are so fabulous. If i was that way minded (and not a lazy sewer) I would so take a pattern from this and make a new garment with sleeves like this. Just lovely!

Find the ebay listing here

I also have some sensational 50s pieces (there are LOTS more to come on this front)

This 50s skirt has to have one of the best ever novelty prints.

Find the ebay listing here

And this 50s dress is super special. It is a little different from the typical 50s dress with its slightly drop waisted design and strip of green fabric on the bodice. I also like the fact it is green, i tend to find that this is a colour you dont see so often with 50s dresses (not sure why but whilst I regularly come across pink and blue numbers green seem not to be so common)

Find the ebay listing here

And, I’m a sucker for a good swimsuit. This gorgeous one is DEADSTOCK. I will have a few more stunning swimsuits like this coming up shortly.

Find the ebay listing here

This week i even have two fabulous plus size vintage dresses listed (i think they are both around a size 18-20). I am hoping to have some more similar larger dresses shortly, so keep a look out!

Find the ebay listing here

See all of my current auctions here

Keep a watch out Horrockses fans. I’m listing four next week!

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