Parcels make me happy

Today I am feeling distinctly sorry for myself as I am poorly with a v bad cold. On the plus side my mum was rather sweet and sent me a parcel today that cheered me right up : ). And yes, she really does call me Betty : /

Today I also received two lovely pairs of vintage shoes in the post. Sadly neither fit me (I have small but rather wide feet) so they will simply be added to my “beautiful shoes to stare at lovingly” collection.
The Rayne shoes are particularly fab, the velvet is very soft, I just want to stroke them!

6 thoughts on “Parcels make me happy

  1. Hope you feel better soon Liz, there are lots of colds going round right now. What a cute package from your mum, that must have cheered you right up. Can you wear the shoes with socks around the house for a while to see if you can gently stretch them? The Raynes are particularly gorgeous x

  2. Margaret, I think I might be able to, I can get them on, they are just very tight. Maybe with a little wear around the house they would be o.k.I find it so funny with my name the insane number of variations I get, I'm called: Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzie, Betty, Betsy, Lillybet, Tregs, Tregenza and the best name of all, Granny. Which I have been called for as long as I can remember for my penchant for old things. oh dear : /XXX

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