Going Etsy crazy

Even MORE new stock listed on etsy this week. Check out the Advantage in Vintage shop. More to come next week too!

A few of my fave pieces:


Adorable 2 piece Blanes suit. 1960s. £55 size 8-10.


1950s P.E.T. novelty floral print dress. £85 size 8-10.


Crazy novelty print Sportaville capri pants. £49 size 8-10.


The best lucite sparkling bangle £10.


Novelty Asian temple and elephant print skirt- 1950s. £55 size 8






Don’t forget I also have TONS of great vintage listed on eBay at the moment.  Auctions as ever all start at 99p. Some INSANE 50s dresses are being listed tonight (11th May!)


Advantage in Vintage on ebay


Advantage in Vintage on etsy

3 thoughts on “Going Etsy crazy

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