Fabric paint attack

So one of my major projects this term is on nonwoven fabrics and using them to create effects that couldn’t necessarily be achieved with woven fabrics. This project is a group one and i have been put in charge of one of the skirts, gulp. Inspired by a Valentino lace skirt this is being painted and heavily embroidered with beads and sequins, here you can see some of my initial work on the skirt and developing beading ideas.

The story of being spoilt completely rotten

So the time at my mum’s house has come to an end and i am now back home in Surrey with my Dad, as nice as this is i miss being spoilt rotten by my mum 🙂 I’ve never been shopping in southampton before but it was a really great place to go for high street stores, they have an amazing shopping centre there where i picked up a few rather lovely pieces as can be seen here and me modeling my insanely beautiful new green dress. Check it out on my lookbook too!
I also found a really great vintage shop whilst i was down in the area, foxtrot vintage in Salisbury. Here they had a real mix of stuff, including two Horrockses dresses, i was really tempted to buy one of them but the arms were in such a sorry state i wasn’t sure if it was worth it, still a great place to browse.

Easter time

So, the easter holidays have finally arrived and i am now going to try and dedicate some time to writing on my blog. Vintage updates etc. I am currently staying at my mum’s house which is a haven of all things vintage/lovely/ Cath Kidston as can be seen by the pictures. Its a pretty inspiring place to be because of this, and hopefully my design project this term will show off some of this inspiration!