Lovely Pat Albeck curtains

Just had to share a v quick post about something up for auction on ebay! I have been conversing with a lovely lady who is selling a set of iconic Pat Albeck daisy chain curtains so just wanted to share the link with you all.
I’ve written about the legendary Pat Albeck extensively. See my posts here . But the daisy chain design was one of the most commercial, and spent more than 15 years as a John Lewis best seller!!! The example this lady is selling date from the 1970s andwere purchased from John Lewis in Oxford street.
I absolutely love the colourway of this example and if I a) had any money and b) they would match the decor in any of my bedrooms I would be snapping them straight up!
So, grab a chance to own some textiles design by one of the most iconic female textile designers of the mid-twentieth century.

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