The story of being spoilt completely rotten

So the time at my mum’s house has come to an end and i am now back home in Surrey with my Dad, as nice as this is i miss being spoilt rotten by my mum 🙂 I’ve never been shopping in southampton before but it was a really great place to go for high street stores, they have an amazing shopping centre there where i picked up a few rather lovely pieces as can be seen here and me modeling my insanely beautiful new green dress. Check it out on my lookbook too!
I also found a really great vintage shop whilst i was down in the area, foxtrot vintage in Salisbury. Here they had a real mix of stuff, including two Horrockses dresses, i was really tempted to buy one of them but the arms were in such a sorry state i wasn’t sure if it was worth it, still a great place to browse.

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