Nonwoven ensembles

These are the two ensembles produced for my Garment technology module. These were produced in a group of four and i think the results we ended up with where pretty damn fantastic! I was in charge of the black skirt although we all helped each other out on the various elements of it. They take their inspiration from Valentino’s Autumn winter 09 couture collection

It has nearly killed me but it’s finished

Oh my goodness, i thought i would actually never finish my latest design project, in between the knit samples, research pages, designs and continuous photoshop editing of my illustrations i genuinely couldn’t see the end in sight. (including three days last week where i worked for 15 hours and a mad dash to make it to the binding shop which gave me an asthma attack…oops) But it is done!!! These are just a few examples of my flats and illustrations. I was especially proud of my flats, as i think they really convey the overall 1940’s military inspiration i was going for with the collection. Excellent!