Oh hey there new hair!

So, yesterday intended to go to the hairdressers for a “drastic” cut. I failed a little on that one and ended up with more of a gentle trim. I’m very happy with it though (not too much length through the back basically), and it’s still long enough on top that I can wear it curly when I want to!


H and M camel pencil skirt
French connection black pussy bow tie blouse
1950s red jacket with velvet collar (this was an absolute ebay bargain, it only cost me a fiver!!!)
Clarks black suede slipper shoes
My mums gold hoop earrings from the 80s

In a fabulous distraction from work I also went for a bit of crazy nail painting too.
All Barry M colours : )


Thats me. An addict. An absolute 110% fashion addict. I just can’t help myself, whether it’s shopping, visiting exhibitions or creating my own designs it really is the centre of my world.

So, I’ll try and use this little corner of the world wide web to impart a bit of my knowledge and give an insight in to the slightly eccentric world of Liz Tregenza.
Oh, and the odd blog title… Someone once said ” It’s high waisted, it’s corseted and it’s floral, of course Liz will like it”. Definitely true.