It’s all a bit NEW

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are still able to find me here on my spangly new website. After four writing over on I decided it was time for an update. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for an absolute age (I’ve owned this new domain name since January) but simply haven’t got around to! So why the change? Mostly I was fed up with the sheer volume of spam I was getting through blogspot, but also I wanted something that looked a little more professional, and also user friendly. I hope everyone finds this is the case when they are reading it!

So, I would much appreciate if anybody who has links to my blog in their blogroll would kindly change it over to this blog address instead! The same goes for following on bloglovin’ and networked blogs. You can even now follow this blog via subscription! 

AND on the subject of newness I not only have a spangly new blog, but I also have now opened an Etsy shop which is filled with lovely vintage goodies. I am still selling over on ebay, but I will be slowly but surely moving the majority of my business over to Etsy. If you are a liker on my facebook page there is a special discount code you can use there too!




And because my posts are never complete without a few pictures here I am in my New Horrockses (yeah…Oranges AND Lemons)

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Thats me. An addict. An absolute 110% fashion addict. I just can’t help myself, whether it’s shopping, visiting exhibitions or creating my own designs it really is the centre of my world.

So, I’ll try and use this little corner of the world wide web to impart a bit of my knowledge and give an insight in to the slightly eccentric world of Liz Tregenza.
Oh, and the odd blog title… Someone once said ” It’s high waisted, it’s corseted and it’s floral, of course Liz will like it”. Definitely true.