Oh hey there new hair!

So, yesterday intended to go to the hairdressers for a “drastic” cut. I failed a little on that one and ended up with more of a gentle trim. I’m very happy with it though (not too much length through the back basically), and it’s still long enough on top that I can wear it curly when I want to!


H and M camel pencil skirt
French connection black pussy bow tie blouse
1950s red jacket with velvet collar (this was an absolute ebay bargain, it only cost me a fiver!!!)
Clarks black suede slipper shoes
My mums gold hoop earrings from the 80s

In a fabulous distraction from work I also went for a bit of crazy nail painting too.
All Barry M colours : )

One thought on “Oh hey there new hair!

  1. The haircut suits you! Plus I love that red jacket, very Vivienne Westwood! Nice nails too.I've been to the sea for my latest post…wrapping up warm was essential :)Emalinawww.kikiandthegypsy.blogspot.co.uk

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