New to Ebay this week

So, I recently decided that I was going to cut right back on my ebay sales to concentrate on cutting dow my collection via ebay instead, BUT i decided to have one last blow out sale filled with summer gems (i still have some great swimsuits to put up on etsy by the way!)

This sale is my “super special” sale and hence I have tried to fill it with pieces that deserve that tag.

View all the listings here


30s navy blue silk suit 


Laura Phillips 1930s evening gown


Ballerina print 1940s dress









Deadstock 1940s two piece swimsuit.


1940s love letter print dress


1950s Victor Josselyn dress


1950s stripe Horrockses dress


1950s sambo fashions dress with novelty hat print












1950s Maureen Baker Sportswear white floral printed dress


1950s vintage dressing gown as featured on the FRONT COVER of style me vintage: Clothes and as worn by me here


1960s carnegie dress and matching coat


1970s Dollyrockers maxi dress












And finally an original 1970s Pucci maxi dress with signed print. It is so fabulous it hurts.

View all the listings here

Visit my etsy shop too…there are current markdowns on original 1950s swimsuits!

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