Time for a bitter of wintery vintage

I’m just about to head out for an afternoon in London (Meeting up with some of my friends from Leeds for a catch up in Camden, followed by fireworks in Bethnal Green this evening), but had 15 minutes to kill before I need to leave, so thought I would take a few quick snaps of my outfit today.


IMG_3496 IMG_3505 IMG_3491

I’m wearing one of my failsafe (and very few that I actually own) winter vintage dresses, this one is by Marie Phillips (I also wore it in this post from absolutely yonks ago– looking at this post again is making me wish I had long hair again!). It is such a comfy dress to wear. I am wearing it with Russell and Bromley black patent brogues (that cost the princely sum of £10 from ebay) and one of my favourite Tatty Devine necklaces.


As you can see in this close up I have a rather nice new lipstick, the colour is “red hot” by Clinique. I actually saw someone with it on Instagram, and had to have it despite the fact that this meant having to get it shipped from the States!



IMG_3481 IMG_3488

To finish off the outfit I am wearing a black Warehouse coat that must be about 4 or 5 years old by now and my bag is a Caro Nan box bag with playing cards painted on it. I love ANYTHING playing cards, but this is particularly fun.

IMG_3516 IMG_3517

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