Pretty vintage dresses

I’m a bit quiet on le blog front at the moment as I’m working full time (loving life!). Just thought I would share a few outfits of late in the meantime : )

Loveeee this dress. I purchased this last Saturday from Hope and Harlequin in Brighton. The shop that got me into buying vintage in a BIG way. I wore this for the NSC christmas party. I had originally intended to wear a delightful pink sparkly number but due to a hideous knee injury i had to purchase something new to cover it up!

This delightful dress is a 30s heavy velvet example which i believe was probably altered in the 40s to give it a new life (I’m guessing a resourceful wartime alteration) I reckon it was probably originally full length and that the only fastening was the rouleau loop buttons. It now has a side zip and is much shorter than it would have been originally but that made it just right for me! A perfect seasonal little number : )

This dress was worn for a simple outing to the pub. It has pretty much become my failsafe winter dress as i seem to be incapable of buying any winter clothes. It is quite a heavy blended fabric, i think it has moygashel in it. It is “An original by Marie Phillips”. I bought this dress over three years ago now and I must have worn it at least 20 times. It is a perfect berry like colour pallete. When i bought it I was told it was 1940s, and this I’d always believed until i started to think more carefully about how it buttons at the neckline. Increasingly i’m now thinking its a 50s number. No doubt it is a beauty though.

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