Time to say goodbye to Hampshire…

In the past four years I feel like i’ve barely kept still for more than two minutes, whether I’ve been flitting off to Leeds, London or Hampshire. now though, I’m staying put.

On Sunday I came back to London. I said goodbye to Leeds back in June and now I’ve said goodbye to Hampshire. I’ve spent two years on and off living down here and there are lots of things I’ll miss!

This was my outfit for my final day of freedom in Hampshire! Current fave beaded 50s cardigan and hiking print 50s dress.

– The wonderful pub I work in, The old house at home, and all my fellow staff (and the interesting and varied customers)
– My wonderful aunt who has employed me for the past two years despite my amazing glass and cup breaking skills.
– My cousin Tobes who gives THE worlds greatest hugs.
– Lazy days in Stockbridge mostly sipping the best lattes in existence in Thyme and Tides

– Drinking similarly wonderful coffee in Caracoli in Winchester.
– Wandering down Lymington high street and staring out across the Harbour.
-Vintage shopping trips to “Just beyond” (i.e. Wiltshire and Dorset). I’ll particularly miss trips to Salisbury and Pokesdown.
– Having Portsmouth half an hour away
– Living on a diet that mostly consists of foods beginning with the letter C (I can’t tell you why but for some reason I exist off a diet which primarily consists of cake, crisps, cucumber, celery, carrots, cheese and chocolate)
– Having unlimited access to my mothers extensive vintage jewellery collection
– cycling around on my ’56 Raleigh
– driving pop pops
– Oh, and I suppose I should say my Ma who has has to put up with me ; )
This doesn’t mean I’m not coming back to Hampshire though, you can’t get rid of me that easily!

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