Festival of Vintage: Epsom…what a day!

Yesterday I had a totally fabulous day as I was exhibiting some of my vintage dress at the Festival of Vintage in Epsom. You can see my stand here…
I had around 30 dresses with me for the festival, I had so many lovely comments about my dresses!The response to the dresses was fantastic

This was my dress for the day (apologies for the state of my face…5 mins of make up and a tad too much to drink the night before didn’t leave me looking at my best!) One of my favey fave Horrockses, recently repaired by the wonderful splendid stitches. The dress has its matching bolero, but it doesn’t fit as well as the dress does.

There were so many fabulously dressed people at FOV, the fashion show therefore was an absolute highlight (myself and Naomi Thompson judged it!).

This was Shauna who had to be one of the best dressed people I saw yesterday. Her original 40s dress was a-mazing.

And this is the lovely Holly Foster who won best dressed. Her dress is by California cottons and her shoes and bag are both original 50s. She looked so stylish!!!
FOV was a great place for seeing friends old and new, and reminding me yet again of the power of twitter as this is where i first “met” many of the people I saw today!
Lets hope Keeley has some more events coming down South. The discover vintage fairs were always one of my highlights when I was at uni in Leeds so it was great to go to one of Keeleys fair again (although in a different guise). She always carefully picks the traders, meaning the quality of vintage in offer is always high. I could have spent so much money yesterday, but for once I was good ; ) There are lots of traders who I will be looking up in more detail soon for sure.

2 thoughts on “Festival of Vintage: Epsom…what a day!

  1. What a lovely display you put together! It looks like it was a fab festival, some of the outfits look just lovely. So jealous of all the great vintage events you guys have in England. We have a few fairs here, but nothing like Epson or Goodwood. Thanks for sharing. xx

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