New vintage dress love

Ok, so strictly speaking this dress isn’t new to me…but it feels like it because I’d never worn it.

The dress in question was bought in a job lot of vintage way back in my first year of uni (oh the perils of job lots…this was in my first ever job lot purchase if memory serves me correctly). I sold everything else from that job lot and kept this with the hope that eventually I would get round to repairing the zip…I didn’t but thankfully took my lovely dress to Splendid stitches for repair and it is now looking back to its best!

The dress is by Judy Clare of London. I just love the way it fits me and the ra ra skirt means it is perfect for swishing about it. I’m wearing it here with Butler and Wilson spider earrings and Miss L Fire shoes. Apologies for the weird places for all the pics, I’ve lost part of my tripod so can’t take pics how I normally would!

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