This weeks ebay highlights!

As summer comes to a close I couldn’t resist one last week of super summery listings ( i think I was hugely inspired by the gorgeous weather we have had!).

View all this weeks listings here!

Here are a few of the wonderful summery highlights on offer.

1950s floral print Linzi line dress

Lilac rose print full skirt

Crazy greek urn novelty print skirt

50s deadstock swimsuit

50s Rhona Roy floral garden dress

Not only that but I also took this as an opportunity to list some very rare pieces too. Including some amazing pre 1940s items.

Superb 1920s celluloid cherry handle bag

1890s greenery yallery skirt

40s poppy print dress

40s cc41 blouse

30s white silk blouse

View all this weeks listings here

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