Exciting new Horrockses purchase…and other vintage fun.

Yesterday my Ma and I took a trip to Salisbury and came away with some vintage TREATS. In posts such as these I normally like to save the best purchase till last, but I am SO excited about this one that I have to share the best one first!!!

Here is my stunning new Horrockses that I picked up. This little number dates to the mid fifties roughly and the complicated cut suggests to me that it is a John Tullis design. What is interesting is that the dress has two labels. Its normal Horrockses label and also a store label “Maison Tesink” Fred H. Laan Den Haag”. I looked up the store and found this was in existence from 1956 in the Hague- Holland. (I don’t speak Dutch so this is what my hopeful vague translation is suggesting!). The reason why I was so intrigued is that normally Horrockses dresses purchased abroad would have had a different export label, but this has the label found in the UK.

The dress, even better, was picked up for a mere £50. Which for any dress this beautiful is reasonable- but for a Horrockses I thought was a great price.

The shoes I am wearing with it are a pair of 1950s Rayne stillettos that i found in a Lymmington charity shop around a month ago for £4.

These are my other purchases too.

And these are my mum’s purchases. I think you could say we are a mother and daughter pair who love our vintage!

4 thoughts on “Exciting new Horrockses purchase…and other vintage fun.

  1. Great dress! Which stores did you visit? I'm planning a trip to the UK at the end of the year and was wondering if you have any suggestions of stand-out stores? Anything between Southampton and Bristol would work for me (and as Salisbury is smack bang in the middle, i thought it would be appropriate to ask you!)

  2. Hi there, I can't believe I have only just discovered your blog – great stuff!!I found your blog through Ebay, and just wanted to give you a bit more info on the dress that says 'Lady Laudanum' on it. It looks exactly like a design from Big Beautiful Barbara Brown, I bet it's one of theirs. They have stopped doing so much custom stuff now and have drastically reduced their collection so I don't think the dress is available anymore.Anyway, pleased to have found your blog, and I am just gutted that I am too big for that fabulous city novelty print dress you're selling!!Miss Pwww.porcelinasworld.blogspot.com

  3. Hi Miss P, Thanks so much for you help. I've never seen Big Beautiful Barbara Brown designs before… interested to find this and I have to say i agree that it might be one of theirs! Thank again : )Liz

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