The best of my Horrockses collection

Today I’m bringing back one of my favourite Horrockses for yet ANOTHER blog post, this is because I’ve had some rather exciting extra information on it… and an extra part added to it.

This is the Horrockses in question, which i was wearing in the latest issue of Vintage Explorer magazine.

Now, shortly after I posted about this dress in May a lovely lady got in contact with me and offered to sell me the MATCHING SHAWL, of course, I couldn’t turn down an opportunity like that, as it made it a complete outfit. Like the dress this was also in perfect condition.

This dress was not only special to me because of the stunning fit, but also because it was one of the dresses used for the Horrockses bed linen collection.

You can read the full details of the dress in this blog post:

At the time i assumed that the dress dated between 1955 and 1958, and was very happy to find out that my dating was infact BANG ON correct. The lovely Tessa Richards of Rainbow Valley Vintage tweeted me a picture of MY dress as featured in Vanity fair in May 1958.

I love it when a tale about a vintage dress all comes together!

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