Birthday presents GALORE!!!

On Wednesday it was my birthday (22!) and I just had to share some of my looovvveeely presents I received (mostly vintage/ history related!).

First off I got a stack of excellent books that I desperately wanted (reviews coming on all four shortly). After having a quick flick through them I am particularly excited about getting stuck into the book about Alistair Morton and the Edinburgh Weavers. There are some fantastic images of original artwork for Horrockses prints in the book.
I also received some lovely gifts from my Ma (always an ace present buyer).

One of my absolute highlights was this gorgeous skirt (look at the pockets!!!) The skirt is French made from Boussac cotton. I found this interesting as Boussac were the firm that originally bankrolled Christian Dior in 1947.

I also got this delightful swimsuit (sun??? please!) This is so typical of 50s swimsuits In its design! I particularly love the huge bloomers that come with it.

Another highlight was this 1930s suit (very interesting in its fabric and design).  I’m only wearing two parts of it in this picture as the top has approximately 15 hooks and eyes, and I didn’t have the energy to do them all up to take a quick photo! i actually think without the top it looks more 50s! This and the swimsuit seen previously both came from May’s Antiques in Lewes, which is one of my favourite shops for vintage finds.

I also got this selection of amazing prints, Mum stated “for your house”… Might be a while off yet ; ). Three of the prints feature Ossie Clark designs and date from 1969, the other is a Horrockses print (shockingly one I had never seen before from 1954).

On top of those lovely prints I got this amazing German sheet music from my dear friend Naomi. This is getting framed and going on my wall ASAP. Unfortunately my German isn’t top notch, i think it means something along the lines of “Marie, you are the loveliest lady, what do you cost for me?” (Ok, my German is really poor…because that doesn’t make sense, but it is something along those lines ; ) )

My aunt also took me to see Abigails Party at the Wyndham on Tuesday as a pre-birthday treat. I highly recommend going to see it. Jill Halfpenny in particular is hilarious in it.

I just had to share the dress I was wearing yesterday too. This original 50s stunner came from a box of clothes purchased last year for £30. Most of the items in this box needed a lot of care and attention to get them back to their best, this dress included which was dirty and crumpled. Looks pretty good now? Wouldn’t you say?
So all in all a lovely birthday (topped off with a night out with some of my best pals in Wimbledon). Roll on 22, lets see what you have to offer!

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