Exciting new Horrockses purchase…and other vintage fun.

Yesterday my Ma and I took a trip to Salisbury and came away with some vintage TREATS. In posts such as these I normally like to save the best purchase till last, but I am SO excited about this one that I have to share the best one first!!!

Here is my stunning new Horrockses that I picked up. This little number dates to the mid fifties roughly and the complicated cut suggests to me that it is a John Tullis design. What is interesting is that the dress has two labels. Its normal Horrockses label and also a store label “Maison Tesink” Fred H. Laan Den Haag”. I looked up the store and found this was in existence from 1956 in the Hague- Holland. (I don’t speak Dutch so this is what my hopeful vague translation is suggesting!). The reason why I was so intrigued is that normally Horrockses dresses purchased abroad would have had a different export label, but this has the label found in the UK.

The dress, even better, was picked up for a mere £50. Which for any dress this beautiful is reasonable- but for a Horrockses I thought was a great price.

The shoes I am wearing with it are a pair of 1950s Rayne stillettos that i found in a Lymmington charity shop around a month ago for £4.

These are my other purchases too.

And these are my mum’s purchases. I think you could say we are a mother and daughter pair who love our vintage!