It a summery week for Advantage In Vintage!

On Sunday i listed yet more (yes, more!!!) fabulous vintage pieces for your viewing pleasure. This week with a focus on summery pieces. I got inspired by last weeks weather and listed lots of lovely sunglasses, swimsuits and also summer dresses.

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Here are my pick of a few of the top pieces

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I absolutely ADORE this Kittiwake swimsuit. I have often found the top halves of these, but this little swim top comes with its matching bloomers. What i like about this is that although it is is swimwear it can easily be worn as a normal top too.
I also love this grey cossie which has a printed lace design (I actually have a Horrockses dress with an almost identical print). The shape of this swimsuit is incredibly flattering as it has an extra layer of fabric which covers the very top of the thighs in a similar manner to the swimsuit in the image below (original 50s advertisment!)
This dress is also a superb one. It is a late 50s cocktail dress with very interesting cut and construction giving it a sculptural look. When I saw it I immediately drew comparisons with Alexander McQueen’s plato Atlantis dress that is in the Victoria and Albert museum (Spring/ Summer 2010). Does anyone else see the similarities?
If sunglasses are your thing i have a number of pairs of original 50s cats eye sunglasses on offer (perfect to finish off any outfit) and one of my 6 pairs of Ray ban wayfarers. I’ve come to the decision that even though i love my Ray Bans, maybe 6 is too many ; ) 
And last but not least I have two Horrockses on offer! One of them contains a Horrockses label i had never previously seen (A Horrockses export label- It came from Australia and i think this dates it as a late 50s early 60s cusper).

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