A day trip to Bath

Today I took a delightful trip to Bath which I have to say is one of my fave cities for going for a “relaxing” trip to.

Outfit for the day. One of my all time favourite Jonathan Logan dresses- I bought this from America about four years ago and it has been a summer staple worn since. I’m wearing with crazy pink 80s flower earrings and a topshop denim jacket.
I FINALLY, after saying I would go for around two years, went to the fashion museum, which I have to say I was incredibly impressed by. A lot of people mentioned to me that it was small, but I didn’t think it was at all and found the displays interesting and informative in a different way. I liked that in the 19th century part of the museum the exhibition text looked to contemporary literature to help explain the dresses.

I was also interested by the trends for 2012 section which showed items from the costume museum collection styled to represent 2012 trends. I actually think this is a really forward thinking way for a museum to represent their dress collections (and actually makes me think of Diana Vreelands interpretation of historical dress).  Whilst I love to see historical dress as it is meant to be styled with period appropriate accessories etc. I think this method if display helps to open up museum displays to more audiences.
Now onto the vintage in Bath!
The charity shops in Bath I have to say (like quite frankly charity shops everywhere) left a lot to be desired. Prices were overall eye wateringly expensive and actually around the same price as the vintage shops. That said I did pick up a nice pair of shorts for £5 – although if I’m honest this is more than I would normally splash out on a pair of shorts. The most shocking charity shop price I saw had to be a pair of topshop brogues with a price tag of £25 on them. (I’m 90% sure these were the ones that cost £30 new last season).
Charity shop shorts. United colours of Bennetton- made of wool. Kind of look like little boys school shorts when they are on!
I also enjoyed the Bartlett road antiques. I’ve never ventured here before but I enjoyed a short while wandering round. If you head downstairs there are two dealers stock that I would recommend, one with a lovely selection of vintage textiles and jewellery (all at v reasonable prices) and another who had some of the most sensational 30s deco hadbags (high prices, but worth it I have to say)
The vintage shops were a hit and miss mixed bag. I was shocked by how high the prices were in Vintage to Vogue. They did have some stunning pieces including a few sensational 30s and 40s dresses but the prices were eye wateringly high. (£195 for an embroidered bolero was a particular shocker).
I have saved the best till last though. My FAVOURITE vintage shop in Bath has to be Scarlet Vintage. The shop currently has an amazing selection of pieces in stock mostly from the 30s to the 70s. I spied a truly sensational 40s evening dress for £95 which quite frankly I thought was a steal and if it had been my size I would have snapped it up. There were also lots of beautiful shoes and bags, I particular had my eye on a nice art deco reptile skin bag.
I did make a purchases though I will admit. I probably shouldn’t have, but it really is an investment piece.

This gorgeous red 1930s Laura Phillips dress. (I really must do some research into this company at some point soon- This is the earliest Laura Phillips dress I’ve seen. I know Laura Phillips existed right through until the 1970s…so if you have any further info, do tell!)
Isn’t it just one of the most glamorous and gorgeous dresses you have seen?

7 thoughts on “A day trip to Bath

  1. I'm always in two minds about the fashion museum. The changing exhibitions they have are usually excellent, but I do wish there was more of the permanent displays. I got married in the building housing the museum, and bought my wedding dress from Vintage to Vogue, but that was over 10 years ago with different owners, and the prices were pretty good back then. Your dress from Scarlet Vintage is gorgeous!Bath's charity shops are shockers. I'd recommend Bristol as a better option, starting in Clifton and working your way downhill to the Gloucester Road. Better prices (even at the Clifton end), better choice. I live in a small town near Bath, and while the prices in charity shops used to be low, they've started rising there too.

  2. Thanks for the advice re charity shops in Bristol Mim! One of my best pals is just going into her final year of uni there so when i next go to visit her I will be sure to check them out : )x

  3. Down Gloucester Road they've got both regular charity shops and a couple specialising in vintage. (There's an ace Caribbean restaurant in that area too!)

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