Officially a graduate

On Friday 20th July I graduated.

             Look a 1st class degree! (I had to check this so many times to make sure it was real)

This was a rather special day for me, especially because I got to spend it with some of my beautiful friends and family.

With my Pa. 

                                                    My Two lovely Grandmas

(mother dearest doesn’t really do photographs…I’m sure someone took a pic of the two of us!)

I haven’t managed to reclaim all of the photos from my Pa or my Nanna yet, but here are just a few for your viewing amusement.

I particularly love the ones of me and 3 of my former housemates, what special ladies they all are. This really was a perfect way to end four years of hard slog.

You can just see (peeking) out of the bottom of my robes my dress. This was a rather spectacular 1950s London town black silk with chiffon overlay number. The floral design of which was handpainted. (I’ll try and purloin a pic from my Pa soon as he took one of the the full outfit with black 70s jacket too)

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