Shopping in New York: Vintage

Now onto my third post on New York; Vintage.

I will state that overall I didn’t particularly rate the vintage in New York. This was for two reasons 1) It was mostly over priced (I’m talking over $200 for a simple 50s dress in some shops) and 2) a hell of a lot of the vintage stores were more consignment/ thrift stores that had mostly 80s and later stuff. I can see the market for this, but it just really isn’t my scene.
So, here is a little rundown featuring some of the places I visited for vintage in New York:
First off, Brooklyn flea
I LOVED this place. Located in a very pretty leafy and quiet part of Brooklyn this flea market runs on Saturdays and Sundays and features great vintage clothing, homeware and jewellery. There were a few really good sellers there. One selling possibly the most sensational deadstock sunglasses I have ever seen ($125 on average per pair) and another selling lovely clothes mostly from the 40s and 50s including a wonderful range of swimsuits.You can find the sellers blog here. Keep a look out for the shots from the fair and you might just spot me there : )

(don’t do a me and think, its not that far from Brooklyn to Williamsburg, I’ll walk. In the midday june heat this was a seriously bad idea…get the subway instead)
Williamsburg has a great vibe about it and has a plethora of vintage stores dotted around. The central Bedford avenue also has a great selection of eateries and coffee shops, and on the day I was there lots of street vendors too. To me this had a real air of Brightons Lanes about it. A great place to visit but the well known vintage stores there like Beacons Closet were along the lines of Beyond retro with most pieces dating to the 80s, or in some cases newer.
Lower East side and East village

I whiled away a few hours wandering around the streets here and I have to say if you want older vintage to head to Lower East side. There were a few great (although pricey) vintage shops here. Especially on Ludlow Avenue and Orchard Avenue. I did stumble across a great street fair though. Hester street fair, where I picked up my only goodies of the trip. Here there were lots of craft sellers and also vintage sellers and food stalls. My purchases were a great bag and dress from seller Cotillion, who you can see more of on her website (incredibly reasonably priced and some of the nicest hats I have seen in a long time)

I’m sad to say that the dress may have to leave my collection (its a tad big on the bust, and I already have a big enough alteration pile…but i will update if i decide to sell it on!)

So that is my brief rundown of New York vintage, of course there is lots more to visit vintage wise but with only four days in New York I fitted in as much as I could. I have heard great things about Hells Kitchen flea, so I believe this is well worth a trip too, and I will have to make a visit out there on my next trip to the big apple!

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