Apologies for an extreme lack of posting


More interesting posts will follow again soon, but  I have just moved back to Leeds to complete the final year of my degree (sob).

In the meantime. A few photos of vintage outfits of late and things I have been doing.

This is one of the dresses I was bought for my 21st. Original 1940s with the most wonderful zipped sleeves.

A rather large job lot of vintage that I have been sorting through. Anyone who follows me on twitter may have seen me tweeting about it on Friday (there is 3 Horrockses in here amongst other things)

This is what I got up to on Friday night. A farewell to all of my “home” friends. Steffie (my wonderful twinney) pulling the intriguing face in the first picture played host, before we headed out to Wimbledon. My dress for the evening was a wonderful late 50s Alice Edwards dress which I have blogged about before.

This is the main reason for my lack of posting. The mental amount of stuff I had at my Dad’s house before i managed to move it back to University
And this is my other reason for lack of posting. I am selling rather a lot of stuff on ebay at the moment. Please do take a look here

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