My final farewell to Leeds

So, its over.

This is probably one of the most emotional posts I’ve ever written. Not strictly what I normally write about, but I feel it is a must.
Today after four of the craziest years of my life I said my final farewell to Leeds. I honestly can’t quite believe that my undergraduate degree and my life as a student of the University of Leeds has come to an end. I actually finished my degree way back in mid may but I’ve still been in the good city of Leeds since.
I remember way back in 2008 when I started my degree and hating it more than I can possibly explain, there were so many occasions when I wanted to quit (mostly because I felt I couldn’t do my course) but I am so glad that I stuck it out.  If I hadn’t done my course I would have never done my year in industry and worked out my true vocation. I think the year out I had changed me for the better, and if anyone else out there is currently on a design based degree I can not recommend it highly enough. Everyone I know who did a year in industry benefitted from it immeasurably and not only that came back focused and ready for their final year.
I have to say a huge thank you to people for making the last four years so amazing, girls from my course, friends I’ve made along the way, tutors, everyone. There’s certainly been good times, and also horrendously bad times but I’ve come out of this experience knowing what I want to do with my life and having made some (what I hope will be) lifelong friends.
The biggest thanks though probably has to go to my housemates who I’ve lived with this year. Ally, Derms, Janet and Vic have helped to make final year of uni an amazing experience and also the year in which I FINALLY truly enjoyed being in Leeds. I have to say an especially big thank you to Vic. Poor girl has had to deal with a lot from me (I’ll never forget her birthday in second year when she looked after me when I was hysterically crying under the kitchen table- true friendship there). Not only have we done the same course but we’ve also lived together throughout the three years I spent studying in Leeds.
I honestly can’t believe I wont be living with these ladies anymore they are four of my best friends and also four of the most amazing people I know. 2 superbly talented fashion students ( the pride i felt watching Vix and Janets clothes go down the catwalk of the uni fashion show…oh my), one textile student (whose knit designs are simply top notch) and one law student who is perhaps one of the best cooks i know (Ally if it all goes tits up you can come and be my personal cook : )).It gets me all emotional just thinking about the fact i’ve left, I’ve loved not only spending this year living with them but also the fantastic house we lived in in Woodhouse (we had the sweetest landlord ever). I know I’ve been a pain with my hideous messiness over the year and the fact that my vintage clothing seems to explode EVERYWHERE within the house so thank goodness they have put up with me for this long.

                                                                 Sorry for the mess guys

And now a few particularly funny photographic highlights from life in Leeds.
First year
My housemates back in first year.

A picture for comic value. I can’t believe i used to wear skirts this short and tight sometimes!

The infamous night where I headbutted my wall and put a hole in it.

2nd year

Not strictly in Leeds, but the somewhat legendary chin bruise I encountered.

Final year

So now onwards and upwards. Leeds you’ve been great. 

One thought on “My final farewell to Leeds

  1. Oh! You take me back! I finished my degree absolutely eons ago but have stayed in the same city (met my hubby; never left!) I'm so pleased you've discovered who you are and what you want to do now. Enjoy it! xXx

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