Prancing around in vintage

Today was a welcome relief from the stress that currently is my dissertation (1 week until hand in and counting!) One of my modules is styling and photography, so today i took part in two photoshoots, one for my own project, and one for someone elses. I had lots of fun doing them despite the fact it meant posing in swimwear in the freezing cold Leeds March time air!

So here I am in outfit number one. First off i was playing around in vintage (quel suprise) My dress here is one of my all time favourite Blanes dresses that I have blogged about before. It is a gorgeous late fifties example, and interesting Blanes did this dress in a range of colours and fabrics (ive seen another silk one in black and purple and a cotton one in white and pink). I teamed the dress with my (new to me) 40s gold platform sandals which I adore!

In this pic there is an extra accessory, one of my all time favourite pieces of jewellery i own from Tatty Devine. The whole idea behind this shoot was it was meant to be a little bit humourous and fun, hence the inclusion of the glasses necklace here!

Then i went onto my next outfit. This one combined vintage and (shock horror) swimwear. My jacket is part of a 40s suit (which i have blogged about before) the shorts are 50s deadstock and my bikini is an ANCIENT one from debenhams (im suprised it hadn’t gone completely see-through it is that old!)
The pictures were shot outside some of the Leeds uni buildings (Roger Stevens lecture theatre…oh yeah!) As the theme for this was an alternative “beach” theme (yep…Roger Stevens water fountation…a beach). Needless to say i had a crowd of boys staring at me from the walkway up above where we were taking the photographs!

I’d also like to make a note about my hair. This was my first ever attempt at pincurls. and whilst they aren’t great (they had to cope with my 15 minute walk to uni and then being outside). I think they are mildly passable!
Thanks to my fellow group members Georgia, Amy, Harriet and Allan for the pics!

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