Searching for Starkes

Today my post is more of a plea- particularly one to my fellow vintage collectors and sellers. As many regular readers of my blog will know I am currently completing research towards my PhD which focuses primarly on the work of little known fashion designer Frederick Starke. I am on the hunt for garments by Starke. If you have pieces in your collection that you are willing to share pictures of I would love to see them! I am also looking to buy Frederick Starke garments, so if you have any for sale, I would love to see- and potentially purchase (please feel free to email me Date of garments is not important- I know Starke was producing clothing between c.1934-1968 under his own label and then later as Frederick Starke at Redlan.

Here are a few examples of the labels found in Starke’s garments.


The earliest Frederick Starke label I am aware of (I’ve seen in this in garments I know date up to around 1952)


The label most often found in Starke garments. Found in one of my most prized Starke suits which also has the monogrammed Starke lining


Starke produced exclusively garments for a couple of stores so you sometimes find this label


Fredrica label


Later Frederick Starke at Reldan label



One thought on “Searching for Starkes

  1. I have a lovely full length gold dress which belonged to my husbands great aunt. The label says Frederick Starke at Reldan, made in England, size 12.

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