HCMS times…let begin

So, i started in September working in the historical dress and textiles department and what a truly wonderful experience it has been! I have learnt and seen so so much in the 4 1/2 months since i arrived it is unbelievable.

To begin with my job mostly involved going through old vogues to try and find imagery related to “The little black dress” for an upcoming exhibition, and just genreally getting to know the collection (its huge there are over 20,000 items in dress and textiles alone).

My job got VERY exciting when it came to working on “Dazzle” though, an exhibition which was recently held at Winchester discovery centre. Dazzle was the first opportunity for many of the 1920s dresses in the collection to go on display. This is because the dresses are incredibly fragile and a lot of conservation work was needed to get them ready. Not only this but each dress had to have a bespoke mannequin for it(made from layers of hessian papier mache).

I was lucky enough to write some of the text for the exhibition, this included writing an “information book” to enchance the visitor experience, and also creating my own wall to give background info on the Art deco movement.

Dazzle was a rip roaring sucsess with the highest visitor figures for any exhibition held at Winchester Discovery centre. Its sucsess really was a testament to everyone who worked on the exhibition, and it was great that so many beautiful objects finally had the chance to go out on display!

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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